Classroom Audio Systems - HummBuster Technology

What is HummBuster Technology?

Roemtech's HummBuster technology was specifically devoloped to remove audio noise such as hums or buzzes. The primary reason audio technicians get called back to an audio installation is because the system has devoloped an unpleasant noise. Typically this happens when somethng has gone wrong that is not the fault of the sound system itself. This seems to be very common in classroom audio installations, especially with older buildings. Most commonly, there is an improper ground in the 110/120v electrical system that is the real problem. This is known as a ground loop and typically manifests itself as a 60/120/180Hz hum.

Another common issue is the sound card on the computer. Some do not handle their grounds properly, so when plugged into an amplifier, undesirable noises are heard, frequently described as a buzzing sound. In a perfect world, when these problems arise, it should not be the audio technician that is called, but the high voltage electrician or the computer company that made the computer. In reality, it is the audio company that gets the call every time.

Knowing that this burden typically falls to the A/V dealer, Roemtech wanted to come up with a solution for its dealers. After years of testing classroom audio systems on location, the HummBuster technology was perfected. When properly used, it easily solves both of the above-mentioned issues.

The first amplifier to feature this technology is the PMA-245H. It comes equipped with two switches that either engage or disengage the HummBuster filters for optimal results. This feature has saved installers many hours of troubleshooting and lots of heartache.

A Good Thing Made Better - Auto HummBuster

Classroom Audio Systems - Auto HummBuster TechnologyOnce the HummBuster technology became a proven concept, it seemed necessary to take it to the next level.

Roemtech's new Auto HummBuster is that next level. With the Auto HummBuster technology, the onboard computer samples the audio while switching the HummBuster filters in and out all the while listening for the best settings. Once it has determined the best settings, they are set and stored in the onboard memory. Even if there is a power outage, the filters will be restored to their optimal settings.

The PMA-350H is the first mixer/amplifier to have this technology. This technology is so revolutionary Roemtech has filed a patent on it.

Troubleshooting an audio system has never been this easy. One push of the Auto HummBuster button and the audio problems are gone.