Digital Miniature Amplifier - DMA-355H

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Ultra Compact -

The DMA-355H mini amplifier is the smallest home theater on the market featuring 2.1 audio and over 50 watts RMS. No other mini amplifier comes close to offering this kind of power and feature set. At one inch thick, it mounts easily behind any flat panel screen and can be hidden from sight for a completely invisible home theater amplifier installation. Despite its incredible size, this digital amplifier delivers crisp, clear audio at levels only seen in power amplifiers three to ten times as large.

Full Digital Design -

Most mini amplifiers utilize class AB technology for part or all of their amplification stages. In doing so, excess heat is generated that is typically dissipated through a relatively large heat sink. Roemtech's revolutionary class D technology is fully digital and boasts a class-leading 92% efficiency. This matters because heat kills mini amplifiers and limits their performance. With the DMA-355H mini amplifier, the mixing stage is pure digital and the power stage is pure digital. All this adds up to superior sound and performance.

IR Programmable -

The DMA-355H mini amplifier utilizes an intelligent IR programming mode that makes programming this small amplifier exceptionally easy. Within seconds, you can use any remote on the market to program volume up, volume down and mute/on/off. In addition, it has built in discrete IR codes that allow a direct jump to any level of volume. This makes integrating it into a more sophisticated IR control system extremely simple.

Specifications -
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  • Power: 55 watts @ 8 ohms

  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 22 kHz

  • Input 1: Stereo 3.5mm - mixable, line/mic

  • Input 2: Stereo 3.5mm - mixable, line/mic

  • Input 3: Digital Optical - mixable

  • Speaker Outputs: Stereo 4-16 Ohms

  • Output 1: Stereo 3.5mm - line level, post mix

  • Output 2: Sub Out RCA - line level

  • Power Supply: 24V @ 2.5 amps - 60 Watts

  • Operating Temperature: -40F - +190F

  • Weight: 1.05lbs (amp only)

  • Amp Dimensions: 4.8"w x 4.8"d x 1.0"h

  • Warranty: 3 Year Standard

  • Mixing: Digital

  • Power Stage: Class D - 92% efficient

  • IR Programmable - dual band

  • HummBuster Technology - Inputs 1 and 2