Classroom Audio Systems - Bid Specification

The information contained in this document is drawn from real-world experience regarding projector installations for the teaching environment. It is based on the first- hand knowledge of individuals who have been directly involved in over three thousand installations, utilizing projectors, screens, speakers, amplifiers and network control systems in classrooms. What we present to you here is insight into a complex array of technology that can guide you in making key decisions so that any surprises and costs will be kept to a minimum. With these guidelines, you can have a system that is extremely economical yet does not sacrifice performance in the least.

This information is intended to help anyone who is considering using audio and video technology to enhance their learning environment. It is broken down into two sections and several subsections, with the sections consisting of (1) text and (2) schematics/graphics

It is our pleasure to assist you in any way possible. Therefore,You are more than welcome to cut and paste all or any parts of this document for your use. However, Please read the following disclaimer below:

Important Note: Although this document has been assembled based on many years of experience by some of the top professionals in the business, Roemtech, its writers, engineers and computer aided designers take no responsibility for the consequences as a direct or indirect result of using this information in whole or in part. The reader of this document assumes all responsibility for any actions taken as a result of this information. The final details of any project should be reviewed and approved by a qualified audiovisual engineer. The winning bidder of a contract takes ultimate responsibility for the successful installation and implementation of your project.